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A Few Words From our Recent attendees

I’ve learnt an incredible amount from Andrew’s retreat. I can go back and apply it in my business right now. I can lift my conversion rate, give way more value to my clients, and it’s all very actionable which is really, really important. And I’m having a great time.

Natasha Hawker


I have had immense changes to the way that I go about doing keynote speaking, presentations, and also my workshops. I was a very much a self-taught speaker before making it up from what I had seen and learnt. Andrew has given me an absolutely clear structure to help me absolutely nail every presentation.

Peter Turner


Speaker Retreats Help You To rapidly Advance Your Skills and Your Business.

Retreats are the perfect way to spend a few days immersing in the very big topic of speaking. I’ve been running speaker retreats around the world for the past 10 years. I love seeing the progress people make in a relatively short time. The immersive nature of retreats really is the perfect environment to learn, to grow, to be challenged and to form a community of other speakers just like you.

I have two specific types of retreat – one is for the development of speaking skills and the other is for the development of your speaker business. The feedback from people who attend these retreats is extraordinary.

Retreat 1

My Signature 4 Day Speaker Skill Development Reteat – Speaker 2.0.

This is my signature 4 day speaker skill event. Whilst the focus is on developing your speaker skills, as in presentation structure, preparation for speaking, research, branding, energy mapping, stage craft and much more, this retreat is ideal for people who:

Want to create more impact with their speaking

Want to get better at engaging and interacting with their audiences

Want to get better results from their speaking, specifically people take action

Want a better understanding of the professional speaker business

Want to diversify their business to include speaking, of any kind, as an income stream

Want to learn to better communicate their message with their targeted audience

Want to build their authority status within their own industry

Retreat 2

Want to Build a World Class Speaker Business?

Becoming a professional speaker is more complicated than most people realise. It makes sense to learn from people who gone before you and who have built a financially successful speaker business and who are still speaking professionally today. That’s why I joined forces with one of Australia’s most successful professional speakers, Keith Abraham, to develop and run our “BUILD A WORLD CLASS SPEAKER BUSINESS – 4 DAY INTENSIVE” retreat.

As the name suggests, this retreat is 100% focused on the business building element of professional speaking. We don’t do any work around speaker skills, that’s what Speaker 2.0 is for. We spend the four days diving deep on ATTRACTING, CONVERTING, DELIVERING AND IMPLEMENTING. It’s intense, hands on, and results driven. You come out of this 4 day intensive programme with your speaker business strategy and plan.

Would You Like Andrew Griffiths to Run a Customised Retreat for You?

If you’d like to explore the option of a fully customised speaker skills retreat for your organisation, anywhere in the world, please drop us a line a let’s start a conversation.


A Few Words From our Speakers

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Would you like to be more sought after as a speaker? Would you like to become more valuable and more valued as a speaker to potential clients?

I’ve been working with Andrew for many years now. He continues to up the ante. Just as I scale a new mountain thinking it’s time to rest, he points to a higher mountain, sending me on my way with lots of support, guidance and cheerleading from the sidelines. 

Kate Christie


Andrew and I have been working together for almost seven years. Over the next 12 months we are working on my aspirational openings and closings as a speaker. Andrew provides excellent guidance for me, making sure that I have the impact that I want when I’m on stage.

Katrina McCarter