The Speaker Inc Programme

An ongoing, high level monthly programme for professional speakers, delivered by two of Australia’s most experienced and successful speakers.

About the Speaker INC Programme

Speaker INC has been developed by Keith Abraham and Andrew Griffiths. Collectively they have over 50 years of experience as professional speakers. They know how to build a speaker business and how to keep adapting and evolving to stay relevant and to keep speaking commercially for many years.

This monthly group programme addresses the key topics and learnings that every professional speaker needs to stay across, covering both speaker skills and speaker business development. You will be part of a group of other speakers who share the same goals as you and who are committed to growing and becoming more successful on every level.

How does the Speaker inc programme Work?

Every month there is a deep dive 90 minute live Master Class. This addresses the key topics that are relevant and important for speakers. They are deep dive – and this means there is going to be significant details, practical advice and ideas, real world tips, frameworks and so much more. These Master Classes will cover topics including:

Positioning and differentiating yourself as a speaker

Establishing and building a global speaker brand

Your speaker product architecture

Marketing yourself as a speaker

Collaborating with other speakers

The business of being a professional speaker

The importance of research

Understanding energetic mapping

A world class presentation structure

Master stage craft

Creating powerful, smart slide decks

Exceeding expectations on every stage

Becoming more commercially appealing as a speaker

Attracting international speaking opportunities

Adapting and evolving to stay relevant as a professional speaker

Speaker industry trends

The second part of the monthly Speaker INC programme is a live working webinar. This is where members can come to the live call and ask questions, run ideas by the group and Keith and Andrew, and provide feedback for others speakers. There is really no other opportunity for emerging speakers to work with mentors and peers in an environment like this.

One of the biggest challenges for most speakers is isolation. Where do you get ideas, potential collaboration partners, a place to stress test ideas and all of the other benefits of a community. Speaker INC will give you that.

A Monthly Commitment of $995 For this High Level Program

You get access to the monthly live event, all of the resources and tools (and all of the past content as well). This is really extraordinary value as the information and advice offered is 100% current, very practical and relevant. The monthly live event is delivered on ZOOM and the recordings and other materials are all hosted on KAJABI – a fantastic platform with a mobile app which will let you watch the material and listen to the materials on your mobile device. Members will also get access to the live WORKING WEBINAR, again on ZOOM. And of access to the community, via a Facebook Private Group.

How do you join?

Membership is by application only. Speaker INC is only for committed, professional speakers who are going to do the work and invest both time and resources into building a successful speaker business. Please express interest by contact us and we will arrange a time to do a preliminary suitability meeting.


A Few Words From our Speakers

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Would you like to be more sought after as a speaker? Would you like to become more valuable and more valued as a speaker to potential clients?

Every single retreat and coaching session with Andrew Griffiths has been incredibly valuable to me. He really listens and gives advice from a place of experience and knowledge, not just from hearsay. I can’t recommend working with Andrew highly enough.

Katherine Maslen


Hi, my name is Brett Lillie and I’m a speaker, coach and author. I got so much out of Andrew’s Speaker 2.0 retreat that I came back the following year for Speaker 3.0. One of the biggest things I’ve taken away from working with Andrew is learning how to work with frameworks and develop an idea from beginning to end.

Brett Lillie