A 25 Year History as A Professional Speaker.

Andrew Griffiths has delivered over 1000 presentations in 25 countries to 500 clients.

A diverse Speaker Career That Goes Way Back

In many ways I’ve been a professional speaker since I was 17. It’s just the way I presented and the topics that I’ve presented on that have changed. My speaking career started as a Diving Instructor, and my presentation involved teaching people, from all walks of life, to dive safely. From there I taught survival skills in remote areas, for mineral exploration giant, Rio Tinto.

From here I moved into sales and marketing. My role was to promote the Great Barrier Reef to the travel industry and the general public. This saw me presenting to audiences of all over the world and I have to say, it was a pretty easy sell. I was working for a Japanese shipping company, NYK, who owned a Great Barrier Reef cruise operation, and ultimately my job was to encourage people to visit the reef on our vessels.

From here I started my own marketing company. I started to run training programmes to help small business owners improve their marketing skills. Then I wrote a book called “101 Ways to Market Your Business”. This changed everything. All of a sudden I was getting contacted by organisations wanting me to come and talk at their events. Now I was the traditional keynote style speaker, presenting at conferences around Australia.

Over the next few decades, I’ve written 14 bestselling business books. My speaking career has followed these books. I talk about business success, future proofing and much more. I’ve presented around the world for everyone from the European Union to Hewlett Packard. In fact I’ve delivered over 1000 presentations, in 25 countries for about 500 different organisations. Something I’m very proud of.

I Love Helping New Speakers

For the past 25 years I’ve been working with and training all level of speakers, teaching them the skills that can dramatically impact on their success. I’ve worked with many brand new speakers and presenters, right through to seasoned veterans, sharing my unique frameworks, tools, tips and advice that cover every aspect of speaking. To sum my speaker training and coaching up – I help people of substance to become speakers of substance.


Most professional speakers have a book, or multiple books. It helps them with their credibility and it differentiates them from others speakers. I’ve helped over 900 first time authors to write and publish their books. If this is something you’d like to know more about please visit my Author Coaching website – Author Academy.

Being Featured in The Media Has Really Helped My Speaker Career

I’ve worked extensively across media platforms in Australia and Internationally.

Would you like to book Andrew to speak at your event?

Booking Andrew to speak at your event is smart choice. As one of the most experienced speakers in Australia, he brings a confident and seasoned approach that is sure to engage and inspire your audience.


A Few Words From our Speakers

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Would you like to be more sought after as a speaker? Would you like to become more valuable and more valued as a speaker to potential clients?

So one of my key takeaways is that being a speaker really is a business It can’t be a sometimes activity. It can’t be this thing that you add into your repertoire of things that you offer. If you wanna build a speaking business, it needs to be the speaking business that you are building.

Jenn Donovan


Andrew and I have been working together for almost seven years. Over the next 12 months we are working on my aspirational openings and closings as a speaker. Andrew provides excellent guidance for me, making sure that I have the impact that I want when I’m on stage.

Katrina McCarter


I decided to attend the the ‘Build a world-class speaker business intensive’ because I understood that as confident as I am as a speaker, I’d never really thought about building it as a business and this is what will enable me to build something of value, worth and significance.

James Michael


Every single retreat and coaching session with Andrew Griffiths has been incredibly valuable to me. He really listens and gives advice from a place of experience and knowledge, not just from hearsay. I can’t recommend working with Andrew highly enough.

Katherine Maslen