HOBART – Thursday 29th August – Sunday 1st September 2024.

“We Developed the Programme We Would Have Loved when We Started Speaking”

G’day there Ladies and Gents, Keith Abraham and Andrew Griffiths here. We both know how hard it is to build a business as a professional speaker. And as you probably heard in the video above, we’ve both been building our speaker businesses for decades. Along the way, we’ve learned a great deal. Recently we were lamenting jus how valuable it would have been to have learned everything we now know in a programme as opposed to figuring it out the hard way. Imagine the mistakes we could have avoided, how much faster we could have become succesful and the money we would have made in the early days? If only….

So based on that conversation, we decided to develop this 4 day intensive as the absolute essential programme for anyone wanting to build a “World Class Speaker Business”. We’re really clear on what the intensive is not – it is not a speaker skill event. So please be crystal clear about that. It’s a deep dive, hard working, intensive programme where we are going to share everything we know and everything we’ve learned from over 50 combined years building our speaker businesses.

We ran the first “Build a Word Class Speaker Business” intensive in Hobart in 2023 and it was a huge success. We had an amazing group of 26 people join us, of varying degrees of expertise and experience, and as promised, we dived very deep and very intensively for the four days. The feedback was extraordinary to say the least. Hence we’ve decided to make this an annual event, one where we hope speakers will come back to each year, to ramp up their business, continually developing it and taking it to the next level.

The sheer value any developing speaker will get out of this event is actually priceless, making the actual cost of this event incredible value. And if you’ve done any kind of training or coaching with either of us, you know how much we will deliver. This isn’t going to be a four day talk fest. it’s going to be a roll up your sleeves and build your business now programe. It will be intense (hence the name), you’re going to have to do the work, you’re going to build a peer group and so much more.

So have a read of the following. The first intensive we ran sold out faster than any other retreat either of us has run before. If you’re serious about building a “World Class Speaker Business”, this is, without a doubt, a unique event in Australia and globally and the ideal event for you. Join us in Hobart for a transformational four days in August 2024.


Keith and Andrew


Each of the four days will be themed and broken into four sessions. The first two sessions are where Keith and Andrew will be sharing their knowledge, strategies, advice and resources based on the daily theme. The third session is where you get to work on developing your plan based on what you’ve been taught and the last session is a group discussion where everyone gets to share, ask questions and clarify the action they are going to take.

In other words, there is a strategic balance between learning from Keith and Andrew’s experience and knowledge, doing your own planning and development and then learning from the group. A smart and powerful structure that provides great opportunity for all participants to develop their speaker business.

There will be tools provided, two special canvases will be provided each day and a host of other resources to help you plan your speaker business.

Day 1 Theme – Attract

The single biggest challenge that most speakers face is finding clients. Putting the word “Speaker” on your email signature isn’t going to cut it. You need to build an extraordinary brand, you have to position yourself wisely and you need to show that you are a very safe bet before prospects will trust you with their audiences . With the preliminary foundation building done, it’s time to dig deep on attracting the right clients. At the end of this session you’re going to be fully equipped with the tools and resources to find those organisations that are prepared to pay you to speak. Successful speakers build world class businesses by attracting a never ending stream of clients.

Day 2 Theme - Convert

There’s no point getting in front of prospective clients and not being able to convert them. The smallest consideration here is how much you charge as a speaker yet it’s what most new speakers focus on. If you get all of the other elements right, showcasing your credibility, taking the risk away from your prospective client, ensuring your product architecture and speaker versatility are on target and knowing how to put a winning proposal together – you will make it really hard for the client to say no. Successful speakers build world class businesses by being able to convert.

Day 3 Theme - Deliver

When it comes to delivering as a professional speaker, there is a lot to consider. Your ability to actually deliver on what you have been engaged to deliver is a given, yet many speakers fail to even master this step. Understanding all of the elements that contribute to you meeting and exceeding your clients expectations is critical. And of course, the big objective here is to make yourself remarkable, referable and rebookable. Successful speakers know how to deliver, every single time.


There’s no point spending time planning your “World Class Speaker Business” without having a very clear implementation strategy. Keith and Andrew provide a great deal of advice and practical tips and strategies, the last day of the retreat is all about putting this information into an achievable plan, with both short term and long term goals.

Who Is This Retreat For?

Please note this is not a speaker skill retreat. You won’t be doing presentations or learning about stage craft. Both Keith and Andrew have different products and events for that. This is 100% a deep, deep dive into building your speaker business. This means that it is really only suited for those people who want to build a world class, profitable and successful speaker business. It’s as simple as that – and as tough as that. Everything covered over the 4 days will be focused on the speaker business and you will leave with a very specific and very clear plan and overarching strategy.

Where will it be held?

The “Build a World Class Speaker Business” intensive will be held at the famous and perfectly positioned Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart. This is an iconic hotel, literally on the waterfront and close to the major attractions that make Hobart such a great city to visit. And the old feeling of the waterfront, the boats, the restaurants and cafes – all make this the perfect venue for this event.

HOBART – Thursday 29th August - Sunday 1st September 2024

What are the accommodation options?

If this sounds like the ideal speaker training and development programme for you, all you need to do is click on the button below and join. You’ll get immediate access to the resources, tools and live events.

At the Hotel Grand Chancellor there are two room types to choose from, the City Side and the Harbour View. If you can I’d suggest getting the Harbour View – the views over Constitution Dock and the Hobart Waterfront overall are stunning. The hotel has set up a special booking page for this event with set rates. Follow the link here for more information – Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart . Alternatively you can email directly at bookings@hgchobart.com.au.

Other Accommodation Options – Hobart is a stylish city and a popular tourist destination. There are no shortage of quality hotels as well as Air BnB accommodation options. I’m sure that if you are looking for something specific, you’ll find it. Just check on the location to make sure it’s nice and close to the Hotel Grand Chancellor. And be aware that Hobart has become a busy city at certain times of the year, so don’t leave booking any accommodation to the last minute. Here are some other hotel options within 10 minutes walk of the event venue:


28 Elizabeth St (03) 6235 9888

Argyle Accommodation

50 Argyle St (03) 6234 8292

Quest Waterfront

3 Brooke St (03) 6224 8630

Vibe Hotel

36 Argyle St (03) 6240 5600

Crowne Plaza Hotel

110 Liverpool St (03) 6213 4200

Mantra on Collins

58 Collins St (03) 6226 1111

The Tasman

12 Murray St (03) 6240 6000

MACq 01

18 Hunter St (03) 6210 7600


Hobart is a great city for an event like this. It has everything that you’d expect in a significant city of its size, but it is also the perfect place to wander and explore and visit many of the attractions in the city and close by. It’s a great idea to take a few extra days either before the intensive starts or after it ends to take a look around. And if you do it after the event, perhaps you can spend a few days reflecting on your business plan.


The 4 day intensive fee is $4995.00 (please note this does not include accommodation or airfares). There will only be room for 30 people. This ensures that everyone gets ‘one on one’ time with Keith and Andrew. As a professional speaker, building a business around your speaking, this will be a tax-deductible expense for you.

CLICK HERE to book your spot at the event now. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal and an invoice will automatically be issued.


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew directly at – ag@andrewgriffiths.com.au or Keith directly at ka@keithabraham.com.au.


CLICK HERE to book your spot at this extraordinary event now.


Andrew Griffiths has been a professional speaker in some shape or form for most of his working life. For the past 25 years his speaking has followed his book writing career, which has seen him write and publish 14 bestselling books sold in over 65 countries. Andrew is an authority on entrepreneurial success and he was worked with leading organisations around the world, inspiring audiences and helping businesses to succeed. As a professional speaker Andrew has delivered over 1000 presentations in 25 countries, everywhere from Mexico to Iran, London to Miami. For the past 10 years Andrew has been developing and delivering specialised speaker training programmes. His focus is helping people to develop their presentation skills as well as building solid foundations for their speaker business. In this time he has run many speaker retreats, workshops and events as well as worked one to one with new and emerging speakers around the world. To find our more visit www.andrewgriffiths.com.au


Keith Abraham has become the world’s premier thought leader on goal achievement. He has written 6 Best Selling Books published in 12 different languages and spoken to more than 1.6 million people in 39 countries in 26 years. Having been presented with the highest honour for professional speaking, the Nevin Award, Keith was also named ‘Keynote Speaker of the Year’ in 2012 and in 2019, was named Educator of the Year by the Professional Speakers Association of Australia. What’s more telling, is that 93% of his clients have used him more than once, 57% have asked him back more than six times, and 34% of his clients have used him every year for more than ten years. Keith is often referred to as the Godfather of Speaking due to the amount of success high earning professional speakers he has mentored through his Get On More Stages Program. To find out more vist www.keithabraham.com

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